Oil Analysis Laboratories

JG Lubricant Services oil analysis laboratories stand apart. When you are looking at oil analysis laboratories, it is important to look at the capabilities. You want an oil analysis lab that is ISO 17025 certified. That means you get the same quality in your reports that you would get from the medical labs that run your blood tests. You also want an oil analysis laboratory that can react quickly, providing results within 24 to 48 hours from receipt of samples. For convenience, it is helpful if you have a choice of several locations throughout the United States and Canada for your oil analysis laboratory.

JG Lubricant Services meets all of the above criteria. Our oil analysis labs are ISO 17025 certified. When you place an order with JG Lubricant Services either on-line or by phone, one of our oil analysis labs will send your order the same day, when ordered before 2:00 PM EST or next day when ordered after 2:00 PM EST. It helps that we have four oil analysis labs in the continental United States and one in Canada. Your order is usually never more than one or two days UPS ground shipment for one of our oil analysis labs. Each JG oil analysis lab is ready to respond to customer samples when received and will have your report back to you within 24 to 48 hours over 95% of the time. (There are exceptions made for more complex tests.)

So, when you are looking for an oil analysis laboratory, take a look at all of the oil analysis laboratories out there and compare with what is offered by JG Lubricant Services. Our oil analysis labs are ISO 17025 certified! We have five oil analysis labs throughout the United States and Canada. Our oil analysis labs are responsive! JG ships your orders promptly and provides your reports within 24 to 48 hours of receipt at one of our oil analysis labs! We think you will agree, JG Lubricant Services meets or exceeds customer needs and requirements.

Check the facts, and you will see JG is the logical and realistic choice to fill your company or personal needs when searching for your oil analysis lab.