What Boat Captains and Marine Surveyors Should Know about Oils and Oil Analysis

Here’s a paper written especially for Boat Captains and Marine Surveyors that explains how marine oils degrade over time due to oxidation, viscosity change and/or  contamination from sea water, fresh water, fuel or coolant.

This paper is intended to help you increase your understanding of marine lubricants and how to apply oil analysis in detecting potential wear problems.    Marine Surveyors should view oil analysis as an additional diagnostic tool for their toolboxes.    To boat owners and boat captains, periodic oil analysis means increased protection and added savings for your marine equipment.      Oil analysis can tell you if you’re running your marine lubricants too long or if you’re changing them to frequently.

BOTTOM LINE:   Marine oil analysis keeps your boat on the go and as “worry free” as possible.


Read the paper here:    What Boat Captains and Marine Surveyors Should Know About Oils and Oil Analysis (Rev C)